Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The heart sees what the eye can't...
(إن الفؤاد يري... ما لا يري النظر )
( en al fou'ad yara .... ma la yara al nadar )

"إن " Arabic character used for Assertion
and it's part of إنّ وأخواتها (inna wa-axawātuha)
If you put any of these words in a sentence, it will change the subject (المبتداء) from the nominative case (المرفوع) to the accusative case (المنصوب).

"الفؤاد " heart (al fo'ad )

"يري " see (yara)

"ما " which,what

"لا " not (la )

"يري" see (yara )

"النَظر " eye (al nazar )

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