Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In my heart, there is a city all its residents are .. you.

و "and " (wa)
"في " In (fe)
"قلب" heart (qalb)
"ي in قلبي " possessive pronoun
(قلبـي ) my heart (qalby)
"مدينة " city (madina )
"كُل " all (kol)
"سكان" residents (sokan ) , the singular resident "ساكن " saken
"ها in سكانها " possessive pronoun it means "her "
as سُكان in Arabic is considered feminine gender
so when we talk about them "هؤلاء سُكان "
Ps : the singular here ساكن is considered masculine gender so it goes : "هـذا سـاكـن "

"سكانها "in context "its residents" (sokanoha)

"أنتي " = انتِ (anti) Subject pronouns for females

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