Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"أنا عنك ما أخبرتهم .. لكنهم
لمحوك تغتسلين في أحداقي "
نزار قبانى

"I've never told them about you,but they caught sight of you in my eyes( pupils"
أنا I ana
عَنْ about ('an
كِ possessive adjective for females ( ke
ما (ma) not - expressing negation
_أخبرتُهُمْ :
أخبَر Inform (akhbar)
تُ (to ) referring to the subject
they (plural masculine) هُم Hum
_لكن but (laken)
they (plural masculine) هُم Hum

_لمحَ (caught sight of ( lamaha
لمحوكِ الواو referring to they
الكاف ك referring to her with kasra and it's object pronoun
لمحوك they caught sight of you

_ في (in (fe

_ أحداق broken plural _gam' takseer _ (hadaqa) pupils of the eye
and the singular is " حدقة " hadaqah

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